Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Woodsy Bohemian shoot on 100 Layer Cake...

I just got the news today that our Woodsy Bohemian photo shoot was finally featured on 100 Layer Cake! I had such a  great time working with the team my fabulous and incredibly talented photographer friend Millie B put together.   
A nod to my other wedding specialist friends Magda Nyitray who does the best makeup ever and Alicia of Reverie Events. Alicia, I had such a great time collaborating with you. We styled the table beautifully!
I remember preparing with Millie through the whee hours of the night for this shoot, making sure every detail was addressed.  We slept for a few hours and met at my studio at 5:00 am to pack up my truck with all the furniture... including this fabulous table I had custom made. We picked up one of our models and drove out to the venue.  Millie wanted us there at 7:00 am to make sure we had the best lighting for our shoot throughout the day. 
As I was driving to the site that morning, I remember getting to the top of the hill ...and it literally got so foggy instantly. You couldn't see 5 feet ahead of you.  I thought "OMG, this shoot is going to be impossible with this weather!". 
You know what they say.... The show must go on.. or maybe, Keep it movin'! Well we did and the weather and all that followed turned out perfectly. It was a lot of work, but it was also a great fun and wonderful experience.  Thank you guys!
And thanks so much to 100 Layer cake. It feels really great to see my flower arrangements and styling featured on a site I admire very much.

Photography: Mille Batista / Location: Woolverton Inn in Stockton, NJ / Dress Designer: Sareh Nouri / Cake & Desserts: Heather Barranco / Designer & Event Planner: Reverie Events / Hair & Makeup: Magda Nyitray / Interior Designer & Florist: Mimi Betancourt at Bloom Flora / Models: Martina Micko, Alina Monacu