Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bridal bouquet for photo shoot...

I was so excited when I was asked to create a bridal bouquet for a photo shoot.  My client left it up to me to select the flowers, she just requested a romantic, summery bouquet comprised of white, soft pink and a touch of yellow for a nautical theme she was producing. So I went to the flower market in the city, which I absolutely loooove to do. Look at the picture below and you will completely understand why!  As soon as I saw these anemones and huge ranunculus, I was hooked. I went later on in the day.... actually 10:00 am, which is considered late,  so some of the flowers I was considering where already gone. Although, I was not disappointed and neither was my client.  She loved it.  She brought in some props the morning of the shoot and we styled and arranged more flowers in vases and off she went. As soon as I get the photos I will post them.  I cannot wait to see the final result!

Back to my shop.  Flowers conditioned and drinking...

The bouquet looks pretty in a vase too.. 


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  1. So talented, my beautiful friend. What a gorgeous blog, too! All the best! xOxO