Thursday, July 26, 2012

Parona Farms bridal show..

 Summer bridal events are in full swing... Last night was my second show of the summer.  I have one bridal event a month scheduled for the rest of the year.  This one was at Parona Farms in Sparta, NJ.

Crazy... but during the drive there and back, periodically, I couldn't help but think of the movie 300 when Gerard Butler says "This is SPARTA!"! So silly, I know, but that name.. I know you thought the same thing!

Ok.. back to the bridal show;  The venue was beautiful. I love their outdoor facility and the cobblestone entrance. The windows were beautiful too... What a nice transition from the vestibule to the courtyard. 

I'm hoping that one of the brides I met last night will give me the opportunity to design a wedding for them at this venue.  It really is a lovely place with huge possibilities. 

Thanks for having me Perona Farms!


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