Monday, August 6, 2012

Intuition.. Amazing how the inner self works.

I am totally amazed at how life works.. As a floral designer there are so many flowers that I love. I don't know that I have one favorite, although I may have favorite colors, but not a preferred flower.
When I was doing all of the planning for my store opening, I knew that I wanted a flower in my logo, so I searched to find "the one".  For some reason the poppy just kept appearing. It's the only flower that appealed to me... So I asked my daughter, who is a young artist, to draw it for me.  And so, the bloomflora logo was born. It was meaningful in that my daughter had a hand in its creation. I did not know however, what the meaning of the flower was, until now...
Crazy!!  I'm just beside myself...
Poppy:  Imagination, Wealth and Success

Imagination, Wealth and Success... Can you believe it?  It was my clarity... It was not intentional, but on the other hand, was it? Was it intuition that made me select that flower?  Not sure what to call it, but I know for sure that this is right. It is the right time, finally. It's been a bit difficult and I have questioned my decision to start a business again. No more... I am ready for what is coming with an open mind, an open heart and open arms!  Thank you Universe.. for all you have given me and for all that is coming.  Exciting!!

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