Friday, June 1, 2012

Behind the scenes of our first Flora workshop...

Our first floral workshop "Spring flowers for the table" was a hit.  The students enjoyed the class very much and they did very well I might add.  This was my first time teaching so I thought I would be a bit nervous, but it came easily for me. It felt natural and I truly enjoyed myself so much!  It was a nice feeling to present something I'm passionate about to a group of  woman who were so attentive and excited to learn. Definitely doing a lot more workshops... 

We offered  some wine, sparkling water, fruit, cheeses and crackers.. and of course, Diana's freshly baked and incredibly delicious chocolate tarts. 
I started the class by talking about how to condition flowers.  Simple, but very important stuff if you want a long lasting arrangement.
 We talked about preparing containers with floral foam and a brief demo on how I prepare my glass vases for an arrangement.  Since it's much easier to create an arrangement with floral foam, I decided to go with that option for this class.. 
The ladies learned how to properly green their containers in preparation for their floral design masterpieces.. 
 This is my favorite picture, because they just finished greening and they look a little!
They've selected their flowers...
 and the their big design moment has finally arrived...! 
The ladies did such a great job.
 Thanks again for joining Bloomflora for our workshop.  It was great fun!

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